Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 209 Animations


my girl cat Phillip is in the Chinese cabinet
while Max my white Chihuahua  wrestles with a rope

young Paddymelon  all bright apricot and ginger     the newest
in my band              stands watching them     he’s noting how to be a pet

I don’t believe they see themselves as mine               as in
belonging to me              heart and soul and mind  although they do

come to me             when I cry out names              that might be the food
and I let them sleep in my bed            too

I have hopes that they will learn me              all these skills
in time             and I will settle down surrounded

purring happiness in nets              if not in love
in mime


  1. noting how to be a pet

    not in love
    in mime

    the echo
    is all anticipation

  2. How pretty this is, dear Kerri. :)


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