Monday, April 3, 2017

Kit Kelen #453 we can't see (for godsbother)

we can't see

we can't see
how the sea hawk's plummet
switches into steep ascent

what the ants must mean to carry
how is meaning carried on?

we can' see how the weather wins

the beaching of whales
may be mystery to them

some other eye is faster
some other eye sees further in

where is faith found?
everyone ends up under a stone
or settles for dust
from ash
from air

we don't know the alien names
for this or that or for the other

we give these little reasons for God
is this giving in?


  1. A bit of weather somewhere
    I dig me some horizontal rain

  2. and so said

    and wash
    and wear

    till time and times
    are done

  3. not when on the path/these things are found


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