Sunday, April 2, 2017

Preparation # 91 Claine Keily

On the steps
she felt cold
she had been faithful
but now
there was no one
to drive her to the hospital

I never even cheated on an exam
she told him
feeling numb now
at the bottom of the steps

No one knows anyone she said
do you know if I prefer
oranges to watermelon
she hissed as she
threw away every
thoughtless gift he
had offered her

They sat in silence
as he was tired
for he had taught two classes
back to back
and as usual she was
too exhausted to eat
the dishes she had spent
all afternoon


  1. Oh dark & desperate
    at the bottom of the steps

  2. That really sums up the thematic content of my work overall Rob!

  3. This character and Plastic Linda really do have to hit the road and get away from the darkness and desperation that pervades the/our poems!

    1. Good point. Wait. It's here somewhere... :)

    2. She did go on a road trip in the end. These poems explain why!


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