Monday, May 15, 2017

James Walton #56 The Merlin and Gandalf take a tea break

not incense this
an aniseed veil
wood smoke curling
without enthral intent

Avalon rightly taken
mixed with fog now
as the high plains
burn for next season

and on the road below
a tourist bus so slow
I could descend
from goat shanking about

these lost icons of others
out of my heart kicker walk
brandish my day staff
cough out in cathartic asthma

You Shall Not Pass

but some days
you can’t call down the magic
on some days
you’re just an old bloke trawling

daydreams of almost Camelot
waiting for the departing madrigal
and a challenge beyond the grail
not willing to so easily give

Mordor’s itinerants such a thrill


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