Monday, May 29, 2017

Kit Kelen #515 - tirelessly (for notes on method)


(for notes on method)

work within a clear constraint
to and from and away

for instance this world we're in
is it too narrow for the heart you've brought?

dream another
be bound by those rules

it must all square
run rings around 

work tirelessly
get a good night's rest

let the cool breeze in to wake

no such blank as to begin
but a rules sets the edges
you add to the pile
like a language you have to travel to find

know the limit
so be beyond
know there's no way back

brush teeth or go toothless
such is the jungle in our law

the rules are all you make them
your own

or play by someone else's
how far can you get avoiding that?

one word goes after another
each follows the words that came before
and stroke for stroke
note for note
it's the same
each of them is a choice

constrained by after and now and again
by gravity and levity
and more

every place is pretty special
every one as well

you are to begin
where you happen to be
then you begin to decide

not to mention
the objective conditions

it's this way with word
it's this way with image

these are my memories
run any order
that could be a rule

let brevity be blessed
no heart's as wide as this world

keep the beat
forget the clock
go on in your own time

fall only ever for the questions
work up a clear constraint
go to it

you're the master/mistress of such fate
as falls to to you for you alone
to intuit

so do it
and well
do it


  1. mate tying yourself in knots,
    no wonder you're tired

  2. And you're tying me in knots too - but there's a wonderful beat to it all which keeps it/me/us ticking along :)

  3. and they lose the choppers if they cease to do it?


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