Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kit Kelen #503 - take your time

take your time

let time take you

be spirited
for sure

can you feel that breeze
like light?

we're here already
keep your shirt on

take your time
and where's your hat

be spirited
be taken with it

that window's where
it's from and gone

and the tide stuck

in a moment
you'll be with me

it's my time too
and much of moment
all to do

how long is a murder?
a coup?
a clean breast of it?

time comes upon me
easy prey
and time still lies in wait

it's in a fairy dell
it's floss
and mill grist, more

here it is curled in the cupboard
time coiled ready to spring
and have you shortly
by the curlies

time also serves
that stands to wait

we reap, we sow
we go like wombats
cannons roused
by charm

and pass from legibility

the moment is conception

it's after us
this scribble set stone

we're stuck in it for amber
it's at least two sided

at last drinks
you'll hear it called

and how else come?

let time take you
go on!

we're all of this same certainty
and fall from it at last


  1. and there's no ending, but an occasional intersect

  2. that's right!

    the next line
    take your time


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