Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kit Kelen #506 - you're my tree

you're my tree

all limbs atwine

so worldly
a stretch
and sky struck still

you're almost all inside
then I must be as well

here's sun say
all putting out with spring
leaf beckoning
of rain to fall

trail led here
and bark runs rings
feet clay

you're all blue
and cloud in branches

you were never born
you must have been dreamt up
there's no death in the record

some visit is windcreak
birds tell all
don't believe a word

when you're fallen
you're my walls
and you're my fire
my sun laid flat
stood smoke

and then I must apologize

what should we call
your family together?

which book will I be in
so worldly wise?

I must be the insect
just landed
I'm holding on
I'll take a tune from the stick

in cello
my own voice abreast

I have a feeling this is love

where's the heart?
where's the head?

the crown you wear suggests a soul
just to this creature me

you're my tree

1 comment:

  1. Homage to the giants some even small.
    A study and celebration worth the words.
    Do you have a sub set theme/genre for these mighty beings?


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