Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kit Kelen #509 - lost


all winter was listening
now spring

among so many voices
all I say is lost

in shadows
under leaf

and up
in branches

as in stars seen to
and unsaved stars

whole universe
should have backed up

still I can see lines
lead aft

trails that brought

and in my wake
the sea zips up

what I've lost
gives a glimpse

of how much I am
how much less

I was
and will be

do I still suffer
from old losses

how can I touch
what's gone?

then will
I be?

days diminishing I spend
with what cannot be lost


  1. we go where we have to go
    sometimes go somewhere else
    no clear trail through memory
    and few stars we remember
    but I also have ears for it
    a bird coming slowly closer
    the smell of winter
    another bottle of wine


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