Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stuart Rawlinson #34 - Brisbane, 1829

The Commissariat Store
Burnt oysters under the
Overpass, inhaled by
Wheezing lungs under
Rush hour traffic
Erosion bleeds into
The Brisbane River -
Not the kind of soil and sand
But the slow drip and drag
Of history, sliding
Measured by decades
Calibrated by the refurbished
Sandstone, sand-blasted
Down, further down
Count the scattered bricks
Masoned stones
Tree roots and dirt
Up to the wall plaque
The oldest of the new
Things hide back

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  1. Ha. 18 years old. I was in Brisbane at the Royal Show in 1972. Station was showing off its bulls. I spent the night before...assisting in the stalls. Boss brought me a pie and 2 bottles of warm beer. My other memories alas aren't much better.


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