Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Stuart Rawlinson #33 - Night Moves

Time doesn't stretch or change at all,
The stars and moon appear on cue
Despite the heavy seasons' roll.
Indistinct, the picture moves -
Turned by gravity's silent waves,
Mass and weight contrive to save

The natural order of day and night.
With every cycle try to deny
By closing off all sense of sight.
The dark hangs off the hills' rise
And blends into the motionless clouds.
The panorama fills and surrounds

Projected on to the eyes' inner walls.
The screen begins to focus shapes
Figures move without a pause
Branded in nerves, unable to erase.
The air in the room is getting close -
The morning cannot come too soon.


  1. Wow - Night Moves really packs a punch - some fabulous lines all the way through it. I like the dark hanging off the hills' rise and the air in the room getting closer. Love it!

  2. time turns over this whirling world
    but never to the proper authorities

  3. 'branded in nerves, unable to erase' wow that's good


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