Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 247 - Test for those remaining spores

Tests for those remaining  spores

my underarm
 stays black and

I give thanks
 for no  fluorescent green

 this uv lamp
some kind of test (for fungus)

I read it in a forum
on the internet  you bet then

afraid to sleep tonight    again
 drift  to rearrange
set the room just so    plug in my cd player
 get a book  Dan Disney   out

 blast the cranberry  stave off yet
 another uti      pets skulk

 throw looks to shoot
the bulbs right out of

deco retro 
op-shop shades

it will be a long night  
armpits  Dan 
bladder sad pets extension cord
and now this player 

 the one I had
when I met him 

 the one who
well he’s dead now but

 we both had the exact
same cd player  when

 there were
sixteen years between us

my friend said
 it was like you left fourth form and

 someone gave you a baby
  said now raise it    it’s your lover

yes we were drunk
 went HA not eww

I’m sweaty and
this one last aide-memoire

it clicks

no disc
 you see

that whole thing  sits   
 right here

 in my hand  
  so over 

I just had to turn
 it on


  1. a night long in the armpits
    deep in the groin
    and hoofing it later

  2. Glorious Kerri! Loved every moment of it, armpits and all

  3. LOL. I realised too late we were diving deep to the deeps

  4. Magical - insomnia, armpits, babies and all :))

  5. A tremendous and tremendously sad poem. It like how it clicks though.

    Be well, dear Kerri.


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