Monday, May 22, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 246 Cultured Child

Cultured Child

do you say

it was a cult
 it held me

in a huggums wuggums 
crushed me

until blue green smoke
a pale erotic vapour trail 

crawled across my face 
asphyxiated love  

the smother
my god’s call

tinny on the ear 
 slighty dipping into

madder every year
every year  more of the

messianic growth 
 was my Salome

her shawl 
 left me stood there


do you say now
it was a cult

or just say

about those days  at all

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  1. Good question Kerri - seriously - what do we tell ourselves (as Rob wrote) & what do we tell others about those days ... Love it :)


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