Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kerri Shying R #240 Citigate Blue

Citigate Blues

the new kings lend us money
at the rate that feeds them             cold

tall ready to be more  once were we
don’t be reminding   let them show

they weren’t             they rose they rose            they
have that something extra             we the

wastrels  giving in to folly   fall  soft
down in the pointilistic spirals  one million

dots of market research   the slim hourglass
of loss of gain   another economic renaissance

some body  gurgling in the drain


  1. great poem - makes my heart beat faster and my fists clench!

  2. I think I'm gurgling in the drain along with some body else ... fab poem Kerri:)

  3. i see a new anthology of poems for political economy

  4. Fuck the system once and for all. Powerful stuff. Political economy? A short haircut around the neck.


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