Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kristen de Kline #99 The Coke sign at the Cross

Workmen in blue overalls fly high on
scaffolding     the chief electrician presses down
on a flashing globe     eight hundred neon lights blink to
nothingness     don't look back

together     we'll always be  
dismantled     letter by
letter     together in electric dreams    

a man holding a steel hammer auctions off letters
I just close my eyes
in the morning    
E n j o y  C o c a -C o la
an upper case 'C'?     a lower case 'a'?
is this where we us ends begins rewinds forgets
I just close my eyes
in the morning     electric dreams  
back-fire    gun shots

A big yellow taxi   the Coke sign tubes, flickering  
crimes scenes    stolen kisses    ecstasy peaking
together     we'll always be
together     dis-assembled     piece by
piece   the sign     comes
down     eccy Tuesday lands with a
thump      you she we    

Out Lawless way    
somebody bought the hyphen    
tossed it on a vacant plot
a dead man with hollow bones tags it with luminous lime spray-paint
you start smoking    again     stubbing out butts through denim flesh
ashes fall like flakes
icing on the hyphen
Out Lawless way

Stolen kisses big yellow taxi on off on off neon lighting  
cheap hotel room Chinese landscape, waterfalls
running down a golden frame     throw
away     kisses love promises     not running on time
writhe around in electric dreams
eight hundred lights blink
paint it black
don't look back


  1. What a ripper - rock on. Joni would have made a lot of Lawless, painted it black.
    'icing on the hyphen'xxx

  2. Thanks James - Joni's big yellow taxi's and the Stones Paint it black - nobody can stay away from Lawless :)

  3. So good. I eccypecially love the last 2 stanzas. Lawless. Dear Kristen. Where the dead men lost their bones. Where the hyphens are auctioned off.

  4. Replies
    1. Somebody did actually buy the hyphen Stuart - the problem was that all the letters were so huge they couldn't fit inside a house!

  5. they're selling hippie wigs in Woolworths man! Love this love this

    1. Hippie wigs - gotta check those out Kerri:) Glad you enjoy the mosaic of Kings Cross & the back of Lawless. More coming lol!


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