Monday, May 15, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 241 Jesus ( of the Amundsens)

Jesus (of the Amundsens)

Jesus is staying  in America  
with the Amundsens
he did two years
in New South Wales
the big share house     then
footsore on the streets
in Cardiff

the suit of cotton    better
than a wool
everyone smiled
about the garment
told him no

we got the bus
up to Weston
he told me
the crucifixion
was a story
blown out of all

and that the spear
in his side
was a dental procedure

It felt like they pulled that thing out
 through my nose
said Jesus
as we bumped up the Cessnock Road
in that shitty smear of a bus

while the big Double-B’s  
sounded like Wagner composing
on the pot-holed street
for our arrival

There was nothing
but clove oil 
 it may as well
have been a death

we hugged goodbye 
he bade me come to Utah
and see the Crystal Palace
Jesus    he was a legend


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