Monday, May 29, 2017

Kristen de Kline #101 - two bucks in the bank (thanks to Kerri S)

two bucks in the bank     we could be cursed
or blessed     two trees of Illawarra plums to turn

into gelee and jam   Kerri's eyeing off a local loquat
tree     offering to send me the spoils  

two bucks in the bank    it's true money is     over-rated
once    you drank Verve Clique in     swanky suites

in Melbourne hotels   once you looked up at the stars      dancing
through bullet-proof plate glass     no neon lighting on the 13th floor

the Sociology Professor says you fit the stereotype     perfectly
tenuous income separated parent precarious housing     is this meant to be

reassuring     a pay check away from living in the G6E    
teenage boy and talkative cat, howling: where would you park where would you park

where     would     you    


two bucks in the bank
five loaves and two fish
things could be
cursed     blessed

I ask you to catch me a shooting star but you tell me
it isn't a star      at all
it's just a meteor heading for a

two bucks in the bank
are we cursed     or blessed
four days till dole day   not counting
do we lie in the gutter and look up at the     stars  

take a bucket to those Illawarra trees
make a nice gelee and jam
throw me a     plum  



  1. Replies
    1. PS Hope ya don't mind I pinched yer line :)

    2. (Good title for a poetry anthology I reckon)

    3. Hey Rob - I pinched the line from a comment from Kerri on Facebook - now you've pinched it from the blog - it's a well loved line!!! And yeah great anthology title :)

  2. Oh you doll! And I ended up with Dinner AND a beer!

    1. Hey dinner AND a beer sounds positively Utopian! BTW the poetry reading looked like heaps of fun:))

  3. gimme a string bean
    ahm a hungry man


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