Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kit Kelen #508 - sometimes


sometimes a mountain
will have its one little cloud
grey as water falling

just there
neither here nor

high hover of all day hung
as if grazing
although at this height
the grass is gone

no matter

in another world
it's a feather fallen
for windlick

wisp of weather

so thick sometimes
you won't see through

like a little fleece you'd call in for dinner
lithe as the day is long

climb to it
and watch your footing

hang halo

recumbent with a length of word
and mouthful meaning
too much has been read in

all summer

soft as shadow
grass woven
in the years of wind

clouds cut hard here
shape straight lines

carve time from
the day to pass

there's nothing in this world
fast as a mountain

see how it ran till
watch the moss bloom

there's nothing so sound
as a cloud asleep

time simply
won't pass here

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