Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kit Kelen #502 - these pictures of the tree inside

these pictures of the tree inside

all muscle

[the tree was stone once too
all were]

and every sky has come to this
has poured on clouds

the world in it

like slices through
the round of rings

rung with little pities
all whom the sun struck hard

all to the end of standing

each hour will have its certain light
and season
last year's rain seeps in

then guess which powers prevail here!

these pictures are the proof
that I have stood to witness

there's top to toe
ant travelling
others more local lie low

there's not a thing forever in it

more than minded just to be

there's not an ache in here
but anger lights
love obeys

that's our little look in
and we won't see beyond it

the hammering's a long way off
but they won't make another like this

is there roof or hat or crown?
I'm the animal attends

some crash in the wind comes down


  1. these pictures of
    the inside trade
    minded for the
    crash to come

  2. we'll call it the Trump Crash
    in time to be


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