Monday, May 15, 2017

Rob Schackne #336 - Whitman Visits

Whitman Visits

Accept I am machinery 
a highly tooled piece of
turning to the other person
to tell them that I'm sorry
a very programmed weasel
it really couldn’t be helped
I have what the house is having
what’s the point in doing 100
and when sense is done with
stop at the end of the street
regard eternity more or less
turn off the TV and go to sleep
the scenes inside the goldmine
dream it up away especially
the part where I take charge
of the entire blasting program
how deep the holes will go
where on earth it's needed
jelly dets fuse and cord
and every one of us laughing


  1. I see him akip
    under a tree
    and he calmly
    notes the blast

    how one leaf
    comes to him
    that would have fallen anyway
    how a breeze weaves through the grass


  2. and what manner of a man
    would compose a poem
    when the shit is falling

  3. because the blast lifted us
    higher than the leaves
    of teeth wrote


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