Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rob Schackne #344 - "No clear trail through memory"

"No clear trail through memory"

No clear trail through memory
the few stars we remember
I also have ears for it
a bird comes slowly closer
another bottle of wine
the smells of winter
a broken shipyard
a schooner drifting west
an expiring reef system
the awful injury then
a bloody long deep breath
send some laughter this way
you ever breathe out again

stop your whingeing


  1. broken shipyard
    where the little tramp
    taps out the wedge
    that chocked the hull

    and sends boat's skeleton to sink
    so all men stand aghast


    1. while the gulls shriek
      at the water's edge

  2. The rusty engine starts with a cackle! Great images - again, those birds are such gossips.


    1. like clapped out motors
      those birds bring
      tidings of misery

  3. Replies
    1. Funny. I can still remember hundreds of my different climbs. Including the one when I once climbed out of bed in the dark and stepped on my cat's tail. Quite thrilling, that one was. :)


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