Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kit Kelen #497 - I don't believe there's blank beginning

I don't believe there's blank beginning

I don't believe in the nothing you need
I won't believe in someone said

imagine such dark
full of winter

and keep warm
burning through

I think we all were here till now
we never were before

there's no one set us on the blocks
no one fired a gun

some sun shines
this takes me out

all round the tree this singing

the thing you've done once
you can now

it's all in with the deeps of me
I don't believe we're here again

the beating comes before the heart
I won't believe in a clock

I stretch as far as the eye can see
it's everything a first time

I don't believe the song
I sing

there's no one watching over me
no need to believe at all

there's rain that's lighter than the falling
words worked to a form

everything here touches me
so I had best tread lightly

to everything that lives
a risk

the words have come
a long while since

we're after them - it's all around us
and it's all to fall

reaching through to light
and point, and touch, and take to heart

around the tune tree
all are singing

we only sing because we're here
we're here just if we sing

I don't think there's beginning at all
being born's well on the way

I sing for the words beyond the tune
I don't believe that time comes to me

but I must catch it raw
how does it matter what I believe?

I sing to find a tune for the words
for all that's yet unsaid

so much for all
of my not knowing

I reach for the light, am touched too
I stretch as far as the eye can see

it's all directions
was, will be

so summer dances
past its date

some shade rests here
a breeze will bring

all soil to be
so sing

there's no one watching over me
but you my dear

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  1. Oh yes more - it's like a prayer or invocation to...


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