Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kit Kelen #507 - gives life to me

gives life to me

is poem the polished thing?
is it shone?

a cannon's trained on it

so sad lost lack
like the wire come down
that's how we wriggled under
that's how we got away

lines run off where they will
or gather her familial
squint for the sun
- crow's feet

is poem star the sea took?

or is it here
this first thing guess
a scribble?

scratch at the page
and sometimes poke through?
with hello here's poem

some sign holy relics
or might amount to miracle

all cringe

will there be picture in them?

a Vegemite Jesus for every slice
before the poem genuflect

we must be the victim of
precious breath of mind
gut rough

find mine and find a way in

this polished crystal call necessity
dial triple but we can't remember

the poem equal to all
is up against the storm
is ship at sea
and perch
as we pitch

is poem a published thing?

is it read?

does it ring?

will I know the tune when I hear it?

and how am I to start?

the making puts me up a tree
and speak with the birds to solve
they shit on it

here in the engine room
you can't hear yourself think

but this is how my life was saved

what a poem was
I still believe

and I know
that in your heart you know

that voice

you can hardly call

I suppose
we ought
to sing

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  1. Marvelous. Thank you. Brings it into focus. What the fuck I'm doing. :)


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