Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kit Kelen #516 - I fell into error

I fell into error

(draft – not rough enough)

I fell into error

that was the most fun
and got the best results too

I grew crooked as any tree

I scribbled in the pictures
before I tore them out
broke toys!

I found myself in Error
it was a lovely place
full of wicked experiwinkles

my confession was littered with...
ah, but I was text misread
couldn't help it
how I was brought up

I saw all sorts of things on the way
like rabbity Alice come after

went as wrong as I could go
then went a little further

anything perfect was fair game for me
I took the bastards down in flames
died the thousand deaths
my pleasure

I was utterly lacking in punctuation

of course it crept back
che peccato!

I broke the crown
came tumbling after
vinegar in the chips

didn't they squeal just at the sight of me
the proper ones, the knowing
hands on heads and hands in laps
I hoped that I might yet learn how not to spell
I came in quick and quiet, you bet

you see
I went with the best intention paving
I could have had straight turf

but the urges
always lead us to error

took down my pants in the really wrong place
thought – better keep going with that
I was a terror
gave demons all the run around
hot on their heels

hell and back and tell the tale
light shone through from another world

there's a good shepherd loves us all for fun

I forgave myself
that was best of all

my greatest love – to get things wrong

do you think of a leopard changing its spots?

shall we step off this little ledge here
won't you fall into error with me?
it's the only place we can ever be free


  1. oh well, there goes eternity

  2. nothin' like falling into error - I think it might be contagious.

  3. we're all free falling with you, the ground's the error


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