Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Rob Schackne #352 - The Wrong Place

The Wrong Place 

               after Kerri Shying

It’s awful
and how sad
but how long
the wrong place
the wrong time
alas any kid
that curious
would do it
cliff face jesus
down so deep
angel spread
read it in the papers
there is no death


  1. I'm really intrigued by this poem Rob - it packs a punch and yet I want to know so much more. A sequel? The Wrong Place II?


  2. Thank you, dear Kristen. It was shrunk down from this:

    It's awful
    of course
    and so sad
    and dismal
    to know
    how badly
    it fucked up
    but how long
    would you
    have fought it
    admit it
    some got here
    wrong place
    wrong time
    and any kid
    that curious
    about leaving
    would've done
    about the same
    no ropes
    no drugs
    no razors
    down so deep
    the lungs
    the drop off
    cliff face jesus
    not the end
    and never
    about death
    the other side

    1. 30 years ago. A 2000m drop off in the Solomons. Tell you the story someday. :)

  3. 'cliff face Jesus' think I'm there


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