Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 210 at the checkout with my ebook

at the checkout with my ebook

there were thirty five thousand photos
I had posted on facebook             in five years
so when you saw them all in the one place
as a book             it had this effect of restating where
my gaze went            each day as the world turned
 it was the garden           until the sky bore down          into the bones             

my B cells  bombarded with a bitter poison             slowed
that  wrong thinking outpour of antibodies            so  came a slew of selfies
the uncertain face of one given to a steroid habit
of ballooning            facing off the moon for roundness

I am looking        narrating
what cannot be estimated

it is the dog years next
 above the mandarin tree the moon hangs       less a slice


  1. Kerri - this is fabulous! Love it - full of wonderful stanzas - love the one "I am looking narrating, what cannot be estimated" ... Really love this piece.

  2. Oh thank you Kristen, you are catching me beguiled with your own work at the moment I have to say, so I am delighted that you like it. I have gotten my writing room back and it is really making work so much more enjoyable!


  3. less a slice
    less a mime
    at the checkout
    with my chook
    the cashier
    cannot figure
    the change


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