Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kit Kelen #456 - after democracy

after democracy

the age of celebrity
with Pluto's pups
think and you might have missed it
we're always voting someone out
how's that working for us?
it could be your turn next
no, mine
Socrates was spot on
when he cast a doubt on this
I'm thinking how I could be king
and over it already
ex-king, the abdicant
or better than that, an Immortal
greyed out, powers recalled
no threat now
then who needs all that throne and guff
I know I'm right
you know I am
sceptre, orb?
all too symbolic
hand me my club
o beasts obey
keep out of my way
remember whose cave this is


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. A truculent poem.

    Strong. Good.

    As is this project too.

    Have you any plans to invite others here to participate?

    Or are we to be the last ones holding the fort?

  3. it would be good to get more people in I think, Rob

    have you got any suggestions

    that said, I think the quality has been improved since the numbers dropped ... I mean it's more consistently good now ... less of a feeling that some were having a hard time squeezing it out

    but that said there's a natural winding down thing going on I suppose

    ... strange to be discussing this here though
    when we do have a metablog

    oh well


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