Friday, July 6, 2018

Ken Trimble #18 Colossus

Sonny Rollins
stroked that saxophone
like he was ready to

Hunched over with a shag of white hair
a Quasimodo of jazz

I sat next to a black girl
swaying to Afro/American

Summer in Berkley
before Big Sur
chanting prayers
in the beehive

The monks in their white
cowls were calling on

Kyrie eleison
Kyrie eleison

In the refectory I sat next
to a grizzled old monk
as we ate our meal in silence

Words from the Gospel
floated over our bolognese

Near the end the old monk
leant towards me and whispered
I hear you like jazz


  1. I like jazz very much. I like this very much too.

    1. thanks Rob, I saw him for free lucky me, my friend was a Camaldolse oblate and she invited me along with friends to the concert , it was wonderful and the old monk was such a beautiful man, a sort of American Bede Griffith, he died recently I heard


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