Saturday, July 28, 2018

Kit Kelen #940 - victims of instinct

victims of instinct

cosy up with to be more
and do the inside out illusion
love to be loved
and that's a song
sometimes we go upside down
top to tail in out
or round the tree
believe me
and I know you do
it's just this once I cannot lie
here hold this while I come for you
and sing so no one else can see
it's deep in the eyes we love
skip with it step sprung
led by the moon
by the nose
by the way
I am a crocodile sometimes
moat my whim
and dress the part
often begins with conversation
and must be only half at bay
you'll get a glisten after – love that
though there could be grumble up to
or even a cat attacks
once swan swam or rather glide
and all anticipation
that's when walk on air
dream dark in the belly
till rub tug – rude enough for you?
have we the skills, the nous?
you always come to me as a question
and you can call me tiger, do it
when any word would break the spell
faster, slower, further, less
you wouldn't think a body could
but then a body's done it
how much of each does other know?
the heart is listening here for us
and sometimes waits as well
we call out heart to heart all soulful
have a mind to it
you'll lose your head
and you could give
call deed and it can come with title
there are vast estates in skin
peasants have suffered from
and sometimes they have overcome
indelicate these manners
set to sea hammock
slow motion in whale
elephant so
out of the bath
sometimes weakness overcomes
it only helps me to be creature
hello you
well oiled machine
and beautiful music
we cannot keep
pitter patter
snug in sack
with steady rain
and in another skin altogether
I have instincts
of the victim
cringe when
out of the egg
all leap

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