Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kit Kelen #923 - the place dreamt is always under construction

the place dreamt is always under construction

once we were
but there is no once

everything's just where I left
and easily pick up the tune

those trapped were saved
hand over hand
we hauled them up

take refuge in the dream

it's breath under breath
littered with

why say?
when we're already here

in shedding forever
no words

but I called the skies blue

as if we were all made of day

who'll come and dream the thing with me?

the ache-and-roll over (Freud's somatic)

who'll fill the wish?

someone swam off

never a web
or a finger of dust

though everything
was is

words in the words
and under and through

this is the camp
where we process ourselves

it might have been for years

you know the handwriting
you'll recognise this breath

ponds and tanks
all infrastructure tucked away

wound verandas
inner courts

here I come
viscount, emir
saunter from seraglio
the every animal sad

this is me lifting a leg on life
so much sorry we

with whom to share?

music of fountains
the village abandoned

the town to the last shingle rebuilt

elevenses, yardarm
on till picnic
then was snifter
sup and tuck

all around us the mountain

there is no deciding in us
we must accept them all

parrot, pigeon
calf and buck

whiffy bone litter
where somebody died

and lamb with lion mine

you can see into the music here

and someone flew

the grove we grew
the light we cast

the miracle of nothing changed
when I am with the years

there have been ruins
and set to sea

and all these woods were wings to chime
present to me
the track rolls as

have to admit
I was quite a darling
before I went bad
and I've been since

cuddle in will ya
it's every night this

always waking before the world was

waking to this every dreamt day

as if it were the place collecting

believe to this world
always waking belief

and I who built all this
godlike in my making God
wake winking to you all too

a sheltering in showers, storms
and from the wind-up sun

here for the hunt
I set my clocks on time

isn't it home to be here?
you tell me

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