Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ken Trimble # 25 Old man young spirit

She looks like
a punk Juliette Binoche

We first met in the meditation hall
I sat behind her covered by a woollen

At the end of prayer she wheeled around
and faced me with her hands in prayer and

She thought I was a

One day after leaving my cabin
I trudged up the hill and saw her

I was struck by her defiant beauty
it took my breath away

It is the sort of beauty
that can't be written about

I could have been her father
but I loved her nevertheless

She was gay and knowing this
I loved her even more

She lives in Paris now
studying to be an architect

She told me
I know you are a wounded
old bird
but you can still fly

I told her maybe I am
but  I still love you

She paused, I love you too
my friend .

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