Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Kit Kelen #943 - to be secular

to be secular

I want to not believe in your God
so fanciful – how hard can it be?

that goes for your angels and prophets,
your devil – come as a job lot I believe

made everything your God
and he still blames you and me

audacity! what a beard, this one
He got such great discussions going

just by being the One
because he don't like competition

He was once mine, I believe
but somebody must have got over it

I know that you don't believe in Him either
but it's your God I want to not believe

in whom there is the art of heaven
comes with a lot of mumbo jumbo

though one must admit well said
I don't want to believe in the lot

those tablets, taboos, wacky commandments
none of those arbitrary ancient laws

the sexist stuff, the racist, murder-the-kids
because I said, then there's the ethnic cleansing

I want to not believe the whole book
though there are some beautiful bits

I'd like to argue with a rabbi
but will there be one to argue with me?

I want to not believe in your fluff
and – strike me dead –

I don't believe that this cloud collection
ever tossed a bolt about

was even a single word said

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