Monday, July 16, 2018

Kristen de Kline #213 Forget the hour

Forget the hour I couldn't get out of.
The  carriage on M Train jammed.

The cowboy talking
about writing 
about nothing.

Rain falls.
Shit happens.

You toss and turn.
I turn and toss.

She walks the streets for money.
Doesn't care if it's right.
Or if it's wrong.

We talk shit to the White King.
Flirt with the Red Queen.
Run away from the Mad Hatter.

There was a sun
somewhere here.
It was dead
and black.
And the loitering clouds
they screamed
through the darkness.

Out you walked
Your hands
waving in the air
like a white flag.


  1. A glorious poem.
    No one gets out of here alive.
    See my white flag.

  2. So you're surrendering too Rob?
    All those days waiting at the bus-stop...

  3. Thanks Kristen

    strong poem strong words

  4. Oh there's guts in that, scream in the survival. Love it.

  5. Thanks dear Lawless Poets - may the screaming stanzas continue :)


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