Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Kit Kelen #936 - Job rules OK? or lovely to be chosen

Job rules, OK?
lovely to be chosen

(notes for a children's picture book)

why some may have wanted out of this deal

plagues of warts, spots, hives
then aches and bones break
all inside on fire
till at death's door
and you think it can't get any worse?

well then
a funny thing happened

I was tortured
I was gassed
I was burnt at the stake
garotted, drawn, quartered
had my dick set alight
stuffed down my throat
had my head chopped off
throat slit
sometimes simply choked
(much effort but cost effective)
more often I was hanged
(rope still good)
or there were bullets in the back
(one to the neck does the trick)
some slow convulsions for an end
when I was not quite dead

and let's not forget I was betrayed
informed on, reported, turned in
a certain amount of spittle
if you've the means of wiping away

a church bell struck
or some sun rose
and there was an end of me

threw me in a pit to rot
I'd given up the ghost by then

do you think that would stop them?

lethal injection
beaten to death

always new technologies, fads

skinned alive
they tried me without blood
then without organs
then no skin
flogged me within an inch of life
(but on the other side)

they buried me alive sometimes
just to see how long I could last

never say martyred
it was just bad luck
divine inscrutable will

they made me a cannibal the once

I tried out for every new lethal disease

and all this while
time stood with
the miracle was me

still here
hardly know who I am

or what to call myself

you've got to laugh
or cry

but softly, softly
that's a good tribe

trust me, friends
you could be next

curse God and die
that's some advice
how's that going for you?


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