Thursday, July 19, 2018

Kit Kelen #931 - chosen


for special irony duties
so I am the tribe of this trope

tried out for innocent bystander
but they wouldn't have me

look into a pool
there's no reflection
I was always there

just where I am one
I am many
just where there's the sun
I shine

can't get enough of the stuff
but not to be worshipped
a little water's nice

I was a kind of vine once

it's not every day you're chosen –
but victim either way

it's like that word 'solution'
how many states?

how bored the guards
who turn on the gas
and God yawns too
considers his choice

but it's irony wins every time
by Job!
that Moses took his tablets –
look where it's got us

you have me there
but here I am
it takes no thought, this fascination
I always slip away
you can still hear me, right?

I was the one chosen to show
the symbol of annihilation –
my flag of destiny, my hope


  1. at the end of the day
    I hope irony is found
    to be over-rated

  2. the irony of iron
    is its melting point


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