Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 482 everyone insists is a comet from the blue

ask her   did she remember picking out the earrings
for the funeral    what a question   like I  offered
her the choice of an  almond or a  pickled onion    I know
it is the long  reflection   of yourself     dressing
that stamps  the ordinary  on what

 everyone insists is a comet from the blue

that and    the searching for the iron    little bit of work
I hoped she’d see me off  in the blue silk crepe skirt
that light linen jacket   and a pale    ever so pale
green  batiste blouse   wear the opal earrings   be  a little
on the bright side       I’d do the same for her


  1. Such delicacy and detail - adore the way that the choices of clothes (and earrings) tell a million tales. So evocative ... :)

  2. I thirdle that emotion. Oh those details, so telling


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