Saturday, July 21, 2018

Kit Kelen #933 - time immemorial or to be observant

time immemorial
to be observant

makes a kind of landscape
full of promises broken and kept

I forget there's so much to remember

a flag and you can sing it too
it's like the wishlist you call Santa
or you call God to you

I always remember I have to forget
this pisses off the deity
but what is there to do?

so much I have to forget
I have to remember
it's what I do

the shopping
for instance the milk and the honey

join all these dots
and you'll have a border

where the water falls

stare hard
the wall goes up

turns us into
a souvenir
then under the dust
and trash and gone

sombre music
wipe a tear

I promise to remember

like the wound over time

I forget
so much
in order to remember
that I have to forget

I forget
to forget
this always leads to trouble

then I remember sometimes
it never lasts for long
but I was chosen for the task

a stretch from sleep
but the dream forgets me

God's angry
I can't remember why

wake up to myself then
I remember to remember
to forget

have to forget
what's in front of my nose now
forget myself as well

but all of this just so as to remember

on a clear day
carry me over the river
then you will see who we are /// then you will know who I am


I am the happy Australian
(that's south made something, someone
from what happened to be here)

trust me I'm very good at
forgetting who was here before
forgetting where I'm from

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