Friday, July 27, 2018

Kit Kelen #939 - my father (who art in heaven if you like)

my father
(who art in heaven if you like)

Houdini he
managed a complete escape
chased a ball around the world
and almost home again
not quite

he escaped all kinds of things
words stick for years
but he got free

he ran out of his own head
he got away from words
found words

he actually escaped from himself
you can give one away you know

a country
a language
a tribe
a class

vast estates he was freed of
so much history he shook off

my father forgot
who he had to be
he was like Jesus
and did it for me

and he forgot to tell me too
he remembered to forget 

comes to me in dreams 
he tells me all kinds of stories 

in heaven if you like 
there's an art to being there

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