Sunday, July 29, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 488 - plastered in the sky you blood red moon

eating the soused plums from the ume shu
in bed  licking the science from my wrist
thinking  roasted pepitas   spicy  for the soup  
         who    perfected   directed   that 
 I woke early   looking for my awe hit 

 plastered in the sky    you   blood red moon

hiding tidy  in the cloudbanks    there goes
my weekend           nothing’s mystic
unless I see it         please don’t explain 
my dreams today     how the coffee bean goes
from green        to    what it means to me


  1. I love this
    the blood red moon
    was a hoax
    how far up
    in astronomy
    do we have to go
    to get back to earth

    1. Perfect. bed licking the science from my wrist. !!!


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