Monday, July 30, 2018

Kit Kelen #942 - everyone was God once

everyone was God once 

no names then
you just had to see
and it would all be

could make what you liked
tell whoever would listen
or no one at all

it was an everyday here-we-are making
a very reasonable thing

everyone was God once
that was before all the trouble it caused

no names
it was we ourselves resounded

you didn't have to believe in breakfast
it was a frugal time we all had

everyone began making gods
and saying they'd always been
would forever

some of them looked just like me
just like you

there was listening at the door
but never heard the upstairs trample

we were named naming to begin
avatars of inkling fallen
no trouble at all
and time behind us, time ahead

everyone was God once
that's a story to tell
I make up all my own material

it's good to be God
in the poem
he said

you'll just have to
take that for gospel


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