Monday, July 16, 2018

Kit Kelen #927 - take it lying

take it lying 

there is a wall
and a well
and a tell

things with their no particular order

but sunshine is catching too

under the bed
rabbit of childhood
worn out with wars and with peace undeclared

it's only in these eyes
only these soft cloth eyes in the heart

you can see the gone all piled up here
possessions for who they were

dogs to bark are all beginning

ours is a book all for possession

after the ordeal of flight

it's only the journey's my forever
like all night waking in the dream
to know that we're not really here
must wake myself up with

these messengers
of the other world
bring light to my ears


  1. only these soft cloth eyes in the heart...whole world,whole life...sees it all. Wonderful.

  2. It’s a stunner Kit - sunshine catching and all. Some beautiful lines.


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