Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Kit Kelen #930 - state of

state of

equanimity and poise
constant aggression
placid content (cow kind)
paranoid neurosis/delusion

intoxicated with saying the self
state of religious euphorics
ambivalent anger
and who am I?
Nazi gangster can't-beat-em joinery
sweet innocence and so sincere
grudges make us ancient

police state
of firm decision
of victimhood
as if a whole Bible had been done to you
just so we all could be holy
and don't you dare touch my religion
I have to pass it on... it's sexy

state of perpetual mistrust, unrest
precious little precipitation

a state of touristic excitement
(we've only just arrived, who knows how long this time?)

state of having been wronged for so long by forever
so sorry for ourselves
must not apologize

state of able to do no wrong

state of heightened fear

authoritarian state with terror neither here-nor-there
but ye know not the hour

state disagreeing with itself
(call that democracy)

us them and them meet us
state of what is it they fucking want?

state of we will find the cure
state of the hope in the heart
keep in mind

we are not the ones we were
we're not the same people
we are

it's only then
the ghost gives up

one day the whole of this world will vanish
then I will be true

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