Monday, July 16, 2018

Kit Kelen #928 - a novelty people

a novelty people 

are you a name
in the room of voices?
no one's in particular
but all around us here

a novelty people
thing of what was done

and fell asleep for a thousand years
and another thousand slept

each clings to his her own confusion

came into a poem
like this
just to be
come into our own song

a pile of shoes
could remind you of Jews

and the good fairy was the one we called God
or else you don't say

my lost family
will you help to see them in my eyes

an outline of anyone's trees

would the dead not be speaking
had death not been done to them

and one more trick

it's only by the end of the world we're allowed

wreck of a place still to be built

as a child I lived near where the wall would be
and I feel safer there
now only the wall stands up for me
what a lovely absence we make

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