Sunday, July 8, 2018

Kit Kelen #920 - cloudly


in simple hours
each succeeding
cast one way, another

with light
as some clock caught
set out or free

or cloudlessly
kingfisher sat

or lit with only other stars

uncounted, merely passing

I could be somewhere else
or someone

vanishing into this one moment
where I stand

the breeze has blown itself away

a minute past
a long time

in all the years ago were once
and just as I remember

a wrong notation

have passed in time
and pass for it

a shadow crept across

and ripple to the pond tip

come to the world acts its age

I, too, unseen, all crossings out to here


I am no splash

in all the ages past, to come
I don't believe I am observed

there is no judgement in it

strings have this
the fretted kind

in every new disguise
time passes for me

into this moment
where I stand

and vanishing
and gone

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