Saturday, July 14, 2018

Ken Trimble # 31 Smoke that light

this is who we are

forget personailty
desire, memory emotion,

At home 8am
after shift work
I rested on my bed.

My bedroom window
was covered by heavy duty
black plastic
to stop the light from
getting in.

I lit up a joint
a friend had rolled for me.

One toke and
I was gone.

The room was immersed
in white light.

I thought about
saying something to the light
but I got scared.

I decided to butt the joint out
that was some crazy shit.

I wondered  what the hell
my friend put in there.

Must have been light
I guess.

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  1. And were the Velvets booming out in the background: "I'm beginning to see the light..."?
    Or maybe that's just something I'm adding to your vignette!


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