Thursday, July 19, 2018

KenTrimble #39 Iberian blues

Romancing Barcelona
dancing tangos in the
drinking sangrias .

We had our books
our music
our love
our heroin
waltzing through
white light
dawn to dusk
and back to dawn
as we set off trying to
find Miguel.

Crossing deserts of
wonder we watched
black robed monks
bloody in prayer
carrying Christ
on their backs.

We never had much
money time
was our enemy.

We were the
children of the
blue sky
and when you
touched me I felt
a revelation go
through my bones.

We swam in oceans
sang Iberian blues
placing stones
of hope along the
way and as the journey
got closer to it's end
I could hear a man
speaking beatitudes .

I got down on
my knees
while you took
a photograph
of this crazy

and then just at that
moment she said look,
there she was, the great cathedral
Santiago de Compostela.

In we went,
the great thurible swinging
through the air
showering us with frankincense
and you looked at me
my devious angel
as if to say
how good is this.


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