Monday, July 9, 2018

Kit Kelen #921 - notes towards the namelessness

notes towards the namelessness

that is of all creation before us
all of it made for us to word up
first step in the having

there I've said it

a name casts its own shade and warms

a lion in imagination
a tiger in the tank

say Beethoven
sway the woods
call me by disease

this wind and my socks
an inching of moss

a taxi waits in this one leaf's fall

wrong name
and some embarrassed protocol

lies then deeper in the bole

a number and so count the trees till here
it's like collecting tax

consider the nakedness of nameless things

in the mirror between worlds

lizard along
and possum up

in sway of branch
when someone's landed
eyes faster than we flew

down hill
and then ascension

idea from the unnamed thing

I call the clouds to me
known flock of all my days

and there's the bottom drawer
an orchestra of unknown parts

mountains yet to meet
are otherworldly without names

the footprint
then we become an age hereafter

the elves
the seraphim
and succubi

precious names
one can't remember

a nocturne
and a cradle song
whose polka?
dictionary full

the future under skirt, in pants
fond biblical this knowing
a tumble for names yet to call

myself from another language
and all by heart the treetops
my singing was taught there

though I am less than the tune
and clumsy in notation
all run out of ink

stretched thin
as what do you call it
a lot of dot dot dot

but this in my eye
is someone's far star
too troublesome to tell

do we knock?
do we just come straight in?

some nameless insect lands in the moment
this is beneath notice
makes its own eternity right there

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