Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kit Kelen #938 - putsch


begins in a beer hall
but it was always there
drunk idea
fire a shot into the ceiling

nobody leaves
it's all on

begins with grudge
or disillusion
quickly come to vermin
to face of the earth
never goes well
this kind of thing

a lullaby hush
and you're gone

to make pure
to settle a thing
once and for all
get dizzy with it
never goes well
take drugs

dream it
all the thousand years

become a victim
you'll need big boots
a good grievance
then operatic
always a sound track
can involve old gods

they come for me
just an idea
then haven't a home to go
minor chords
and dischords

I'm a book to burn

technical knowhow
follow a rule
stabbed in the back
sold down the river

it comes again
so drunk no one
remembers the place

digging this sky out once more
comes as a master
ashen and gold
till death delighting
all agree or else

this our forever misfortune
until forget again

all to burn
a lullaby hush
and you're gone

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