Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kit Kelen #926 - a vanishing, no act

a vanishing
no act

wound to be
it's like an egg goes off
lit to be lost
and I myself am gone

a shell and have the beach with me
a beach and have the sea

cloud of us come
the currents

a salt drop chase like

wrecked here
lost to our all devices

once before we were for dust

all of the crossings
and crossings out

someone was a voice

not even neither are we then

you drown in it

awkward to the touch this hope
you'll get that with being far

time has a certain weight up close

it pools
and you're humbled with here to be

all of the wrongs to come to here
and this wrong
we sleep through

you only ever knew the eyes
it's another life
we look into

will it be the namelessness
recalls me to your heart?

be creature in the eyes then

nothing but to make a world
if I had a fire I'd tell it by nights
to stars, to moon, till true


  1. in the beginning
    was the act, then
    there was no act
    except for what
    stayed in the mind


    1. recalled to heart
      the namelessness
      the fire and the stars


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