Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kristen de Kline #216 Another vagrant pineapple

another vagrant pineapple
sits on the retro coffee table

you gave it to me
as a birthday gift

but I can't tell him that
some bits of information

have to be edited out
what we think we know

melts like all that is solid
I'm onto the third wine

buried under Home and Away 
his outbursts evaporate

your one from the Sunshine Coast
that plastic Big Pineapple

it sat on your wooden bar
adjacent to the beer bottle collection

we all wanted it when you died
was it seventies nostalgia

or a piece of you
the green leaves faded

to an off-white lime
and the brittle yellow shell

bruised with minor dints
from being thrown across the living room

that was all we talked about
when you died

that bloody pineapple


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