Sunday, July 15, 2018

Rob Schackne #705 - Inventory


    Ants carrying
    terrorist caravans
    backpack turtles
    and what I carry
    apart from clothes

    some dosh a comb
    my pocketknife
    right front pocket

    in the blue chute
    laptop phone

    notebook and pen
    window wipers
    another story
    military toothpick
    antacid tablets
    shirt pocket right
    reading glasses left
    a poem folded up
    in my wallet that
    a friend gave me

    called Mahakala
    what is glory
    left front pocket
    my loose change


  1. how those coins rattle their being

  2. I really enjoyed your inventory ... it seems to me like the start of something else, scribbled notes from a lengthier narrative. I wanted it to continue you (in some shape or form ... what happens next etc?)

    1. Thank you, dear Kristen, I shall think on that!


    2. so many dreams
      are carried hard
      to know where
      to begin


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